JHK Transport


"Why choose someone who is not local? JHK Transport is the expert in and out of Memphis"

Set up with all five class-one railroads and container depot, JHK Transport provides committed drayage service to its customers. JHK Transport drayage service has proven to many customers its committed service to gain their confidence.

In addition to drayage service, JHK Transport offers over-the-road (OTR) truckload and regional truckload service with company owned 53' air ride trailers. Other available services include guaranteed overnight delivery and hot shot "expedited" services.


  • Even though it may be a short distance, drayage is as important - if not most - so that the destination is met.
  • Available Services:
    • 20/40/45' & 53' container sizes
    • Rail Ramp drayage
    • Dry container drayage
    • Reefer drayage
    • Hazmat handling


  • When your shipment is not time critical, intermodal transportation may offer the most cost-effective pricing option. We will coordinate with railroad companies and local drayage companies for pick-up and delivery.

Regional Truckload

  • Whether it is a regional move or a long haul shipment from coast to coast, your shipment will be handled by a qualified and dedicated carrier who will provide you with exclusive use of a trailer.

Expedited Freight / Hot Shot

  • When your shipment is time critical, expedited or hot shot services are available to make sure your shipment is delivered on time by reducing transit times and warehouse costs. Movements are closely monitored to ensure punctuality.


  • We are located in Memphis, Tennessee and outreach to the following:
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Savannh, Georgia
    • Your destination